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Counselling & Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis in Hastings


Counselling and Hypnotherapy Hastings.

Welcome, I'm fully committed in finding solutions to your particular issue which you feel unable to resolve alone, helping you become the best you can be.

Clients generally come to hypotherapy as a last resort when all else fails. For the majority of cases I see my clients for 4-6 sessions.

Stress and anxiety can seem to fill our lives at times. Hypnosis is an accepted, powerful and effective way of changing your life for the better. It can help resolve issues, bringing qualities such as peace of mind and self confidence to you, helping with satisfying relationships, positive self-image and a happier, more contented life.

I believe each person has the innate ability to heal themselves and achieve peace of mind. In a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment I will help you to discover and nurture this ability, in ways that work best for you.  We will explore and work on resolving any issues that may be troubling you. My approach to the counselling relationship is personal and empathic, always respecting my clients as unique individuals.

I am an established, fully qualified Counsellor, Therapist and Hypnotherapist with more than 17 years experience. (click here for About Me)

I also offer telephone counselling for clients who prefer that method.

How I work

There are many different approaches to counselling. I work integratively, meaning that I use various approaches, depending on the situation, including Hypnotherapy, Gestalt, Existential, Solution Focused and CBT.

During my 17 years of counselling experience, I have come to find that hypnotherapy is the most effective method at getting to the core of the issue, probably due to the fact that approximately 95% of what we do is unconscious. I also fully appreciate that hypnosis does not appeal to everyone. (Click here for Hypnosis myths)

When we start counselling I will accompany you on your journey, with the destination being Peace of Mind. Together, I help you remove obstacles that may be preventing you from becoming the person you were meant to be. (Click here for more detail)

Contact Robert

For more information or questions you can contact me via:

Mobile     07812-136246
Email me by using my on-line query form -> (Click here)

I will return your call or enquiry within 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I offer a fully confidential service, counselling in Hastings, East Sussex.


"I was so full of guilt that my life felt dead, the joy of meeting my friends had gone. Then I went into counselling with you and you helped me see the truth about my guilt; now I'm a changed man and have my old self back. You saved my life."

Brian, Hastings

"I thought I knew the reasons why I was so unhappy and helpless. Entering counselling with you I began to learn so much about myself and why I was stuck. Some of the things I didn't like but soon accepted and changed. Other things I saw are great and I hadn't seen them until now."

John, St Leonards

"When I started counselling I was down and devastated and slowly I could see some light at the end of the tunnel. At the end, there was only light."

Sally, Hastings

"I have had counselling before alas with negligible success but that all changed with your exceptional and professional help. It has been a real journey for me and I have learnt numerous coping strategies. This I will carry with me for my lifetime. The commitment and knowledge you have as a counsellor is second to none."

Jo, St Leonards

"All my life I have been in darkness, I thought I knew who I was. Now, after finding out who I am, I only wish I had done this earlier"

Sara, Rye

"All those years I felt so proud that I never felt or got angry, believing I was above all that. Now I've realized how all that unexpressed hurt and anger was really eating away at me instead."

Bob, Hastings