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My Background

Robert was born and educated in England. However, he moved and studied in Germany for many years, where he setup his Counselling Practice, beginning in 2002. Initially, he trained in psychotherapy in Germany, continuing in the UK.


As an accredited supervisor I provide supervision for other counsellors or trainee counsellors at his practice in Hastings, East Sussex.

Training and experience

Robert did six years training in psychotherapy and mind-body counselling in Munich at The Center for Complementary Therapies.

Following that he completed a 4 year training at “The Centre for Body-Oriented Psychotherapy”, where he attained a diploma in Psychotherapy.

In Germany he studied for and achieved the HPG Certificate, this is an absolute requirement for the German government, without which therapists cannot practice.

He completed an extensive one year’s training in solution-focused psychotherapy and hypnotherapy at Brighton University. Additionally, he completed various courses at the British Academy of Hypnosis.

Robert has an accredited training as a supervisor and has also had training in Gestalt therapy and CBT.

Furthermore he trained in bereavement counselling and numerous workshops connected to this subject.

Individual consultations for brief or long-term Therapy or Hypnotherapy with Robert Buirski, B.A.Hyp, HPG

Contact Robert

Robert has a private practice in Clive Vale, Hastings, East Sussex

For more information or questions you can contact me via:

CounsellingforPeaceofMind — Mobile     07812-136246
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I will return your call or enquiry within 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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