Counselling and Therapy in Hastings, East Sussex

Perhaps you are seeking counselling because you are finding it hard to function or concentrate? Maybe you are experiencing difficulties in your relationships. Something else could be troubling you, such as the after-effects of trauma, stress or sleeplessness.
Fortunately there are solutions to all these sorts of issues.

I work with individuals who wish to improve their life quality in regards to (in alphabetical order):

•  Anger, guilt and shame
•  Eating disorders, overweight, including bulimia and anorexia
•  Obsessive/compulsive behaviour
•  Crisis management
•  Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and self-harming
•  Family, relationships and intimacy
•  Loss, grief and bereavement
•  Low self-confidence, self-esteem
•  Sexual issues
•  Stress
•  Trauma and abuse
•  Work-related problems and redundancy

Having had extensive training in Body-Oriented Therapy, I have developed a special interest in unresolved childhood abuse and trauma. The negative symptoms of which often remain unconsciously trapped in the body. Maybe, as you’ve noticed these don’t change with time. This can make intimacy and fulfilling relationships, for example, frustrating, most difficult or sometimes impossible to achieve. With these sort of issues I find hypnotherapy particularly helpful because the cause of the problem is normally not consciously known.


My fee is £35 per hour.

Contact Robert

For more information or questions you can contact me via:

CounsellingforPeaceofMind Mobile     07812-136246
Email by using my form -> (Click here)

All calls or enquires I’ll return within 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert offers a fully confidential service, counselling in Hastings, East Sussex.

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