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I’m Robert, an accredited therapist with 24 years counselling experience and this is my offer to you. Rather than me talking about what I think therapy is all about, that’s not going to help you, you just want to start feeling better and telling me what’s troubling you. I’d be more than happy to talk with you about your issues Monday to Saturday from 1pm to 2pm without charge. Call me on 07812-136246.
Picking up that phone is by far the smartest way to start resolving your problems – after much procrastination, as a youngster, I too delayed making that first phone call, until realising there was ‘NO other way’ and I never looked back! You’ve landed here because you’re in search of solutions to your problems, which you haven’t yet found. I don’t mince my words, I say the following with complete conviction and integrity as I give my interpretation of typical human problems – other counsellors will have other ideas.
Lots of people have anxiety and a host of other symptoms because there’s something they’re avoiding – something humans do, we’re ‘all in the same boat’. By being dishonest with ourselves and others, often unknowingly, we try to escape from our present situation and/or reality and then we become unwell and dissatisfied. Over time the situation worsens because of the lies we’ve swallowed and the ones we tell ourselves to avoid pain: we don’t see the ways we fool ourselves – because they’re invisible. But others see through our lies which invariably causes conflict and disharmony with others or our loved ones. The solution for many people is to try and reduce these uncomfortable feelings by smoking, drinking, overeating, taking drugs, overworking, etc, etc – any means possible to numb out the horrible feelings, but sadly, this just sticks a plaster on a wound that never heals. These words might sound a bit harsh but the truth is we are being harsh on ourselves, unknowingly, and that’s what keeps us stuck. By avoiding getting professional help, many people justify their situation with their conclusions and wait until things magically improve. This is also why friends and family can’t really help us out of our struggles because most problems are deeply seated and are not what they appear to be. Admittedly, many problems of course are unresolved remnants from the past. However, all unaddressed issues only worsen, leading to symptoms like depression, addiction, procrastination, lack of assertion, unhappy relationships, feeling stuck, trapped or helpless – drastically jeopardising our quality of life.
If you’re seriously looking for relief from your unsolved problems, or maybe a previous failed therapy and you’re ready to face the truth, you’ve come exactly to the right place. If you’re feeling dissatisfied, not getting what you want from life and more than ready for change, you’ve found the right professional person to help you get your life back on track. “Legitimate suffering is a given but problems are a choice” – and that’s up to you to make the first move!

My Training

I initially trained in Europe, taking a one-year integrative training in psychotherapeutic theory and finally a four-year course in ‘Body-oriented Psychotherapy` which prepared me for an internationally accredited State exam. This certified me to practise alternative healing in the field of psychotherapy as a Therapist/Counsellor, a requirement which makes it illegal for self-proclaimed ‘therapists’ and charlatans, who often do more harm than good. It is unfortunate that there is not a similar requirement in Britain.

In addition, I have accredited training and experience in gestalt-therapy, hypnotherapy and supervision. I have been counselling for over two decades, for the greater part of this time in my native Hastings, and have counselled several hundred clients with a proven success rate. My experience is that unsatisfactory relationships lie at the heart of most of my clients’ life problems. Our job is to find out how you are preventing yourself from reaching your full potential and to provide a programme which will lead to resolution. Obviously no two clients are the same and I provide an integrative tailor-made healing programme which is comprised of elements of gestalt, solution-focused, psycho-dynamic, and cognitive behavioural therapies. 

About Robert

Psychotherapy service

With many years of counselling experience, I truly believe that the majority of long lasting problems clients bring to counselling stem from unresolved issues left over from childhood. These issues often affect all our future relationships carrying over into adulthood. Not only are our relationships impaired but very often a multitude of additional symptoms such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, bereavement to name but a few, can also develop and play havoc in our lives.

The good news is that change is possible; the solution is in the present and not in the past. If your life is miserable or unsatisfying, talk with me and I’ll show you why it’s that way and what to do to change it to make it more satisfying and meaningful. Life is too short to procrastinate or to waste.

As a consequence of these inadequate initial relationships, people will do various things such as bury their true emotions, blame themselves for their shortcomings, have low self-esteem or be unable to assert themselves. True adult qualities however, such as uninhibited self-expression, the ability to love, assertiveness, self-confidence will all lead to true ‘Peace of Mind’ and improve relations with others.

My solution is therefore to offer a real, authentic, ‘good-enough-relationship’ with my clients, which they possibly didn’t get in their childhood. The passing of time alone cannot resolve any issues: it only prolongs suffering.

As an analogy, I liken this concept to a computer programmed from the start with faulty firmware. It can only function correctly once the defective firmware has been rectified.

Good counselling frees clients to improve self-awareness and really get to know themselves and what’s holding them back. The ability to know and feel deep emotions typically leads to greater integration, maturity, and a sense of being in control of one’s life that may have been elusive in the past.

My approach blends greater self-awareness with knowledge of how the mind works to help my clients take responsibility for changing their lives.


If you think that your life is not going the way you would like, meaningless or beyond redemption, it’s never too late to turn it around into something meaningful. So many of us feel we are stuck in some rut and consequently feel we can’t ever escape but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I believed that was the case.

My goal is to help you understand why we do what we do and how we can change that into something more satisfying and meaningful. Achieving this will give you the life-style and goals that you really want and deserve.

What I offer

I offer both short-term and open-ended counselling to anyone who seriously wants to change their lives. No matter what problem or symptom you have, there is always a solution. Life is too short not to enjoy the happiness you deserve.

I am an established, fully qualified Counsellor, PTSD counsellor, Therapist and Hypnotherapist with more than 23 years experience.

Telephone counselling or WhatsApp counselling is also available.


My method of Counselling offers you a a short-term effective way to resolve your milder, recent personal issues. Counselling entails forming an empathic relationship with my clients to understand your issues and to alleviate them. Counsellors can be considered a friend in need and I offer to help you feel fully supported and to be on your side on all of the journey.


With Psychotherapy I basically offer my clients with long-standing issues a deeper, more time intensive process and naturally more sessions are required compared to counselling. I also offer therapy sessions for those people who have chronic and severe mental health issues which again requires more sessions.


I use hypnotherapy only for clients who truly want to try it out and where I believe talking therapy cannot uncover certain stubborn issues that trouble you. I won’t ever use this method without your full consent. With hypnotherapy, clients are totally in control and often experience a wonderful relaxed state, possibly never having experienced before.

How I work

There are many different approaches to counselling. I work integratively, meaning that I use various approaches, depending on the situation, including Gestalt, Existential, CBT, Solution Focused and Dynamic Psychotherapy. Whatever style of assistance you need, whether Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy services, I’m more than happy to assist you.

When we start counselling I will accompany you, non-judgmentally and empathically, on your journey with our destination being more self-knowledge, freedom and Peace of Mind. Together, I help you remove obstacles that may be preventing you from becoming the person you were meant to be.

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Get Mental Health Support In Various Ways

On the basis of a free consultation, we can both choose the plan that best suits your needs. Life is not a rehearsal; we only get one go in this lifetime. Like everything in life – suffering is just a choice we make – either we accept it or NOT.