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Couple therapy and marriage counselling in hastings


I work with issues such as relational difficulties, anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, PTSD, IBS, sexuality, anger management, self-esteem, assertiveness and bereavement. The mind/body connection is ever-present. Most bodily symptoms are just an expression of what is missing from the client’s conscious awareness.

Having worked for St Michaels hospice as a counsellor for over 10 years I have gathered extensive experience in the field of bereavement and loss and now offer my services privately. 

Additional Counselling Services

Marriage counselling, grief counselling, couples counselling, relationship counselling and hypnotherapy are some alternative forms of counselling I offer. Please contact me if you have any specific counselling requests that are not mentioned here.

Extra Assurance

Maybe you just need an impartial friend to freely talk to and not be judged. This assurance alleviates most peoples concerns regarding talking about their personal issues. If you are someone who just needs to share their burden with experts, you are in the right place. For a seasoned therapist no issue is out of bounds or a taboo subject to talk about.