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Very useful

Very useful, would and have used again. I first used Peace of Mind about 5 years ago when I was going through a divorce and felt I needed help. I came across Robert via Read the services available and decided I should give it a go. Since then I've been back and used peace of mind for various personal issues. Each time it has helped me and I've come away feeling much better. It's a warm and friendly and relaxed atmosphere and very welcoming.
- Nathan

Helped clear the clutter in my mind

I had a very depressing attitude towards myself. I blamed it on past incidents I had to face. No doubt those incidents had an upper hand on me. Even my life was not fulfilling at all. I would say, if it wasn’t for my counsellor, I don’t know where would I have been today. He helped clear the clutter in my mind.
- Ryan

I cannot thank Robert enough

My whole family, including the ancestors, everyone used to be under the possession of negativity. I cannot thank Robert for how much he helped me in getting my family back on track. They now deal with empathy and love for each other. If this is not a big change in my family, I don’t what would be.
- Emma

Significant changes in our relationship

We had a big fight in my first year of marriage. I love him and I will always continue to love him. But it seems he did not care. It would be fair to say he did not know what it is to be loved, to truly feel cared for. This is because of the abusive family and relationships he had in the past. Once we discussed these issues with Robert, I have seen significant changes in our relationship.
- Stella

A very powerful experience

I went to Robert on a whim after another terrible night of panicking and general uneasiness. I had one assessment session and then one hypnotherapy session. It was a very powerful experience and touch wood I've been much better since. I'd definitely go again and it has really made such a difference to my general day to day well being. I'm recommending Robert to my friends and family and would encourage anyone with trauma issues to give Robert a try. He's very easy to talk to and checked I was ok after my sessions. Robert's awesome.
- Eva

Thankyou so much

Robert, "Thankyou so much" for your expert skills in exploring my recent difficulties with me. I came to you while suffering mental and emotional distress. I am amazed how quickly I was able to see the issues with clarity, which made me feel so much better. I felt valued and unhurried, I was able to express my thoughts and feelings in a safe, peaceful place, without feeling judged. I was empowered to make important changes, I won't hesitate to return if I need to.
- Sue
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